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Should I sign on AIM? [28 May 2003|04:39pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I think I should sign on AIM and talk to people, but I'd rather let you all give me a reason why I should.

So go ahead: Impress me. ;)

9 Kissed me XxXx :-*

I'm back... for good this time. :) [12 May 2003|05:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I know, I know, I'm so bad about updating this thing! I realize I keep saying I'm going to stick around and I'm sorry that I haven't lived up to my word lately. Hopefully as things start to settle down for a while I'll be around more. But you know, bribes always work too... ;)

I feel like I haven't spoken with anyone in ages. I'm completely and utterly out of the loop, I think someone needs to take me out and fill me in ASAP.

Oh, by the way, I have a new AIM. It's AngelaLindvallLJ. Sorry it's not too creative, but I guess it'll do for now.

I'm going to go sign on. I think you all should too. ;)


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OOC [11 May 2003|10:46pm]
[ mood | awake ]

[Hi everyone! Angela is now under new ownership. I really hope I can do a good job with her, and I'd love to keep up any storylines that the previous writer had, so please leave a comment and fill me in on what I need to know. I look forward to rping with you all soon! :) Oh! Also, since the previous writer forgot the password to the AIM sn, I'll make a new sn tomorrow. Bye for now! :)]

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[11 May 2003|10:42pm]
[No more time to do this. I am sorry. I am giving up the role. I love playing her, she is my idol but I never update, I never go online. It is stupid for me to keep it when someone else might want it. I don't know. I will miss you all. <33]
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[22 Apr 2003|09:46pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hello! I am back again. I wasn't trying to pull another disappearing act :-*.

Woo hoo I am on the latest Cover Girl commerical, I am so proud of myself. Sorry I will make up for this later. Right now I gotta run.

Hi to those that missed me :-*

11 Kissed me XxXx :-*

I gotta stop listening to this band... [17 Apr 2003|05:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I love all of you, well some of you

OOCCollapse )

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[12 Apr 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | great ]

I spent a few days with Craig and all. Now that they are playing a show in NY this is where I just stay. It was really fun and all. Hamish stopped scaring me and the other guys were really nice. I didn't catch him online today :-(.

Where is Damian? I haven't talked to him in ages! I miss him really, even if he is perverted, annoying, idiotic at times, selfish, unkind, sarcastic, and...oops sorry. Hee. I am waiting for him to just comment me since he found himself some good icons. Or, so I've seen so far.

Brett Anderson needs to take her away sign off so I can talk to her because I am going nuts over here.

Hi Free :-*

EDIT: I changed my screen name to deceiving angela :-)

12 Kissed me XxXx :-*

I AM BACK!!!! [10 Apr 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

I am sorry that I am not updating half as much and being involved :-/

But I am here with Craig and I am having a great time. I missed him so much, but now things are alright. I want to go visit Free, Timmy, Damian, and Brett also. I love those people. I have been busy for a bit and I am sorry. I will be on more for you guys.

I have been doing some advertising for magazines and stuff. I got on a few covers so far woo hoo! I decided to take a break and go see Craig since I have been procrastinating on seeing him. But I am with him now and I haven't felt better. It's a good to get away from work to spend time with a person you are in love with. People probably think that it is a weird relationship but I am so happywith him. His band members aren't too sane and right in the head, but they are funny! Craig and I are going to go to McDonalds now.

I missed all of you, and I will be back more for a bit. I can't promise anything. Sorry Timmy :-*

8 Kissed me XxXx :-*

[22 Mar 2003|12:06pm]
Oops, I forgot about the journal. Almost all the AAR people added me, yay! I think one of the guitarist forgot to, and by reading everyone's previous updates it was his birthday. So, happy birthday reject that hasn't added me yet :-). I bought their CD and I love it. Especially this song. Mmm. and they are really cute but they are all taken Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of people died out?

I went back to NYC to my modeling agency to see the plans I have ahead. I found Frankie Rayder and we decided to protest against war. We were very sexy in our home made "Stop War" tee-shirts. This is going to be a boring update. I am sorry, I just don't feel all here right now. But I am going to copy Damian and say hi to all the people I love.

Hi Free :-*
Hi Lauren
Hi Craig
Hi Damian
Hi Adriana and Isabeli (both very equally beautiful women)
Hi Timmy
Yeah, that's all I can think of right now.
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[15 Mar 2003|12:03am]
[ mood | loving Craig ]

Craig and I spent some quality time together. I'm glad that I stayed because we sorted things out. When we were talking I realized how much I really love Craig. I didn't want to hurt him anymore, and I wanted to be with him badly. I decided to skip my career for a while (an extended vacation) and be with Craig. Being in his arms is very comforting. I rested my head on his chest and I heard his heart beat. I felt alive when I was with him. There was a part of me that wanted to just grab his hand and run to the nearest chaple and marry but that's too sudden. So we had hot sex instead. I missed being with him very much, don't get me wrong. Feeling his lips press against mine, and having him feel me up with his callused finger tips was very interesting. I missed it though.

Well, I need to go jump into bed with him again, and again, and again...

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Well... [12 Mar 2003|11:03pm]
[ mood | emo ]

I am so stupid. I have been hiding for awhile. But I decided to fly out to Australia to see Craig after storming out because of jealousy. I feel so stupid. I miss him a lot and as much as I hate being on this plane, I am going to go see Craig. All the litte things he did were so cute and adorable. I just want to know why I was being so mean to him. Maybe I don't deserve him, since I'm always hurting him. I am so fucked up right now. I don't care about my career. I just need to see Craig.

And do I think I see what is going on? Is Timmy liking Isabeli?! They'd be so cute together. Anyways, I gotta get going. Oh did I tell you all that I miss Free so much? Well I do.

[[Sorry for the lack of updating :-/ I have been busy lately and it is hard to keep up. I think I will be a bit more involved in a few weeks. Too much shit going on for me to handle. But I missed talking to all of you. Don't forget about me. Once I pick myself up I will be on more.]]

3 Kissed me XxXx :-*

[04 Mar 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I've been missing Craig a lot lately. I want to know where he is so I can visit him. Unless he's like on tour or something :-/ *sobs*. Damian finally mentioned me in his update, but I also think he called me a whore >:O with a bunch of other people.

I have no idea what to update on, just busy.

11 Kissed me XxXx :-*

[01 Mar 2003|03:17pm]
[ mood | busy ]

EEK! I haven't been doing a good job at this LiveJournal thing. I've been getting ready for the show I have to do for GAP. I know you all enjoyed that GAP commerical I was in during the winter time lip singing. I moved myself to New York just recently just to be closer to my agency. Traveling across the country just to be here gets real tiring. Anyways...maran is alive. You all should go add her and experience some more Cover Girl beauty. I really miss Craig, and Free :-*

9 Kissed me XxXx :-*

[25 Feb 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Look who's back howlin_pelle :-)

1 Kissed me XxXx :-*

Timmy [22 Feb 2003|10:51am]
[ mood | Timmy ]

I am extremely unoriginal and because I have nothing to update on I'm going to copy Isabeli (:-*) and show Timmy my love.

tim_wheeler tim_wheeler tim_wheeler tim_wheeler tim_wheeler tim_wheeler tim_wheeler tim_wheelertim_wheeler tim_wheeler tim_wheeler tim_wheelertim_wheeler

I wasn't mentioned in Damian's update about how cool everyone was :-(

6 Kissed me XxXx :-*

[19 Feb 2003|03:56pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Damian sent me this icon awhile ago and I never checked my mail to get it :-/. But yeah, this is what Damian likes, this is what Damian made.

Because everyone is saying hi to Free....

Hi Free!!!

15 Kissed me XxXx :-*

[15 Feb 2003|03:56pm]
[ mood | content ]

Happy late V-Day. I had no idea what to update on yesterday so I decided to not update at all. I suppose I should tell you what I did for V-Day. Craig, Hamish, and Ryan came. I hadn't met them yet so it was nice. Hamish asked me to buy him a toaster and was yelling at Craig saying that he stole it. Ryan just looked around a lot. He was quiet for the most part. We drove back to my place and Ryan asked me if he could glue my TV to my ceiling. I told him that it was ok, and he just roamed around in my kitchen. Craig fell asleep on my coffee table and Hamish stole my toaster. I'd like that back ASAP now Hamish, k? Thanks.

We watched a bunch of movies and Craig bought me flowers. They were pretty and he sung me a song. I bought Craig a new bong and pens to sniff. I know how much Craig likes to sniff pens. Hamish and Ryan decided to get high in my bathroom, of all places. I found them laying around and Craig dragged them out and poured Red Bull on their face. They woke up and we went out into town for a bit and decided that we'd cause trouble. We went to a restaruant and Craig threw chairs around, Ryan glued their TV set to the ceiling, and Hamish passed out on the floor. We got kicked out and Ryan called them, "wankers". I think you're all wankers by the way. We went back to my place. We threw Hamish on my bed and Ryan later on went to try and glue my things to the ceiling. Craig and I had some time alone which was great. Nothing sexual for those of you that are probably going to ask. Wow, I think this is my longest update. Hee, bye people. I hope your V-Day was just as enjoyable and eventful :-)

5 Kissed me XxXx :-*

[09 Feb 2003|12:06pm]
[ mood | happy/excited/pissed ]

I have a new layout. Everyone has pictures of them on theirs and I didn't want to be left out. Plus damian_kulash stole mine >:o. Where is Damian anyways? I think he blocked me because I never see him online but people always talk about him :(

craig__nicholls is going to spend Valentine's Day with me. This will be exciting and I hope everything between us work out. It seems like we're kinda weird around each other since the break up... He's going to fly over here. I'm nervous and I don't know why. I mean, I've been around him before but now it's just like I feel like fainting or hyperventilating in just mere thought of him.

Switiching subjects real quick. I hate it when I comment people and they never reply so it looks like they really don't care what you say. If that's going to happen I think I won't comment people. I hate being ignored...

56 Kissed me XxXx :-*

I don't feel to good [07 Feb 2003|08:00pm]
[ mood | shitty/emo ]

You know how you feel when that one person you want has moved on and you feel like such a fucking retard for ever passing up the offer? Yeah, well that's how I feel. I've been working out and getting prepared for the fashion show this spring. I've been watching a lot of movies lately. I swear I'm trying to live out these fantasies in my head thinking that one day something romantic and perfect like that would happen to me. Maybe I'm just wasting my time.

I have no one to spend Valentines with. It really sucks since last year I spent it alone. I'm just really pissed off at myself right now. I read his entries and blah! I mean...I'm happy for him but then it's like...I don't know. I feel so fucking jaded right now. Hopefully things will clear up. I haven't felt like shit in such along time it's a feeling that I kinda miss. I want to mope around so bad, but I know I can't do that to myself no matter how much I'd like to just throw everything away.

It feels like I'm missing something real important in my life. I don't think it's really a significant other but something spiritual wise or I don't know. I just don't feel right. Almost like I want to die and haunt everyone. I'd be forgotten in a matter of 2 months, if I'm lucky, when I'm dead. People just forget to care that much I guess. Plus I'm not important.

Where the hell is missy_rayder? I'm going to cry if she doesn't update.

6 Kissed me XxXx :-*

Hmph [02 Feb 2003|02:50pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Is it bad when you still want your ex back?

18 Kissed me XxXx :-*

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